Generate your own electricity

  • Earn money from the sun tax free
  • Protect against rising energy costs
  • Excellent investment returns
  • 100% green energy

Cut your bills and beat the system!

Utility bills are expected to rise significantly every year for at least the next decade. Installing a photovoltaic system gives you the freedom to generate your energy requirements from sunshine - which doesn't cost you a penny! It gives you the chance to generate your own power reducing the amount you buy from energy suppliers, and there is even the option to generate income by selling your generated power. Plus, PV installation can add around 10% to the value of your house, making it a wise investment even if you decide to move.

Installing a photovoltaic system on the roof or exterior of your home will allow the sun's light to be converted directly into electricity. This energy can be used to power your household, and you will get cash back from the energy companies for every kilowatt generated regardless of whether you use it. This comes in the form of Feed In Tarrifs. You can earn up to 43.3 pence per kilowatt. For more information go to

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